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We have been working with children and adults for the past 25 years.  We are grateful to have served as a resource and primary care for thousands of individuals, children, and families. We continually add to our tools and methods based on our own research and the scientific community, combined with clinical experience.


 Chronic illnesses are not just a part of life; they are a result of lifestyle.  It is estimated nearly 1/2 of all children now have a diagnosed chronic illness that will grow with them into adulthood! Learn how to work with your body, understand warning signs and use preventative measures without added side effects.

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Looking through the lens of the symptoms being experienced, we incorporate any functional lab testing needed for the child and/or each family member. These are advanced labs to get to the root of your health concerns. 



  • Autoimmune

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Food Allergies

  • Gut Health

  • Hormones

  • Infection

  • Neural Health

  • Nutrients

  • Toxins

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In an unbalanced world with endless suggestions of “the next best thing,” we have compiled our twenty-five years of experience, research, and collaboration to develop resources and courses with parents and practitioners in mind—providing the tools necessary for thriving in today’s environment. 


We have enjoyed working with other members of the medical community, including pediatricians, developmental optometrists, chiropractors, OT/PT’s, and other therapists, to add new layers to what they can offer their patients and clients.

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