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Autism & Your Loved One Learn more in 3 hours about supporting your loved ones with Autism than most doctors learn in medical school in 8 years.

Master Class highlighting 

The Autism Iceberg Explained

by BG Mancini

May  4, 2024 at 10 : 00  am

 For Autistic Individuals, Parents & Practitioners 

What Is The Autism Iceberg™?

The Autism Iceberg is an illustrative concept designed to shed light on the numerous commonalities that incite inflammation and create biological disruptions. These disturbances may hinder both individuals with and without an Autism diagnosis from establishing a profound connection with their inner life, a process known as interoception, and from achieving optimal comfort within their own minds and bodies. Without this, our potential to form a deeper connection with our surroundings and peers becomes compromised, and we perceive the world through a lens augmented by significant threat perception through all of our senses, including the extrasensory, a phenomenon referred to as Neuroception.

Dive Deeper into Autism: Unveil the Hidden Factors

This engaging course is designed to bring to light what's unseen in the autism iceberg. We will simplify how to understand the hidden factors and how to support those challenges.  Elements such as LPS bacteria, food sensitivities creating inflammation, Functional Vision and Auditory processing are often frequently missed.  It's not enough to know that they are creating stress in the system without knowing how to help and how to sequence each intervention.


After all, it's challenging to feel good when disruptive biological processes are in action. This course will guide you step-by-step on how to identify the key issues affecting you or your child, the essential tools to use, and the right time to use them.


We'll delve into topics like:


  • The Role of Diet

  • The Power of Auditory Listening Programs

  • The Importance of Exercise

  • The Impact of Retained Reflexes

  • The Nemechek Protocol In Action

  • The Appropriate Timing For Supplementation

  • The benefits of Photobiomodulation



We'll also answer queries such as:

What's the connection between mold and autism?

How does Lyme disease factor in?


Above all, understanding the underlying processes causing stress in the brain is the initial step towards healing. This understanding can help an individual feel better, regardless of their diagnosis. We are firm believers in autonomy and firmly uphold the right of every individual and family to have access to all the information about their potential needs. This knowledge empowers them to decide their own path forward. Without a comprehensive understanding of the base of the iceberg, it's impossible to regulate the biological processes affecting our nervous system, neural function, and neuroception. So, let's embark on this enlightening journey together.

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