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After 27 years of working with clients and patients, I now have the absolute privilege of choosing to work with patients and cases with whom I feel I can make the most impact. This allows me dedicated time for reviewing current research on each patient's behalf as needed, which is also why I still love what I do!


Research and clinical studies emerge daily that should guide a patient's care plan; this is the principle guiding our practice. Working together will be a collaboration process between you as the patient or parents, the clinical answers revealed by proper testing, available research, and our team and years of clinical experience.


Based on years of seeing what works or doesn't, collaborating with professionals and colleagues, and well-reviewed research, the following is clear: healing chronic issues require many levels of change and support. These include diet, supplements, lifestyle adjustments, therapeutic protocols, and deep connection in what I call The Family Nervous System®.


These are important tools that firstly help the patient feel safer and more comfortable in their own body and brain. This allows them to experience a deeper connection to themselves, their family, and then the entire family with each other.

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Firstly, yes! My first name really is BG on my birth certificate.  My parents couldn’t decide on a name, and the hospital released me with the name they had written on my bracelet, which was…Baby Girl, abbreviated to BG.  It was the 70s, and my parents thought it was cool, so it was kept.  My patients call me Dr. B or Dr. BG, so naturally, it was a perfect tie-in to creating (BGI) The Brain & Gut Institute.  


I have always been interested in health as it relates to food, supplements, and neurological development since I was a child.  I was only 6 when my dad introduced me to what we now call “super-foods,” like bee pollen, blue-green algae, how to grow sprouts, juicing, and the power of breathwork.  He was my first teacher.   (I still have his working juicer 35 years later!) By the time I got to college, I was studying Nutrition, launched right into working with chronically ill patients with whole foods nutrition, and started to see the incredible healing capabilities of the body.  I was hooked! 


Knowing these things didn’t help me avoid several health issues and traumas that came along; however, they did help me navigate back to balance.  Sharing this with as many people as want to listen is what brings me joy.  


Every cell in our body is designed to find homeostasis and help us survive!  Then, we move from surviving to thriving, which is where the real fun begins. 


Today, I share with my husband and two kids about nutrition, growing foods, eating in season, using supplementation to support our bodies in an unbalanced world, and most importantly, being kind humans! 


Are you ready to change your life? 

Get started on your journey to a whole-body approach to wellness.


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Kharrazian Institute Clinical Mastership in Functional Medicine 2020-23

Dr. Datis Kharrazian

Cranial Nerve and Sensory Rehabilitation 2021

Dr. George Gonzales

Primitive Reflex Integration 2022

Dr. Noah Moos, DC

NeuroExpression™ of Genetics 2022

Dr. Charlie Fagenholz, DC, QNCP 

Arterial and Venous Balance 2020

Dr. James Sheen, DC

Cerebellar Stacking: Sequence and Exercises for Neurological Rehabilitation 2020

Adam & Emily Youngblood, DC, QNCP 

Unyte – Safe & Sound Protocol™ 2019

Unyte – Integrated Listening System / Certified in Recovering the Vagus Nerve communication in the gut and brain


Quantum Neurology 2019

Graduated Level 4 Certification


Retained Reflex Method of Assessment and Recovery of Children 2018


Syntonics 2017

Dr. Klinghardt – Using the vision pathway to the brain through color and frequency to alter neurological pathways and visual interpretation to change emotional and physical health.

Autonomic Response Testing Healing The Brain 2016

Using the Autonomic Nervous system to access healing through physical treatments and supplementation.

Masters of Health Sciences 2013

Dr. Klinghardt – Using the vision pathway to the brain through color and frequency to alter neurological pathways and visual interpretation to change emotional and physical health.

ATOM College of Oriental Medicine 2013

Licensed as an Acupuncture Physician

Glenn Doman Institute for Neurological Achievement for Neurodevelopment 2012

Using this work with children and adult patients to achieve neurological rebalance.

Kushi Institute Graduate 1996-1999

Level 3 Certification and Certified Instructor

Oriental-based food and lifestyle changes as Medicine for health and wellbeing.



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